Why Study Hospitality and Hotel Management in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers you the very best in education and lifestyle. It is the ideal place for international students and is renowned for its high quality of life, central European location and reputation as the birthplace of hospitality. Without a doubt Switzerland presents the best conditions to study hospitality and tourism management.

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While studying in Switzerland, you will enjoy the safe environment of the country, its exceptional natural beauty and cultural diversity.

  • Safe and modern with high living standards
  • Multicultural society with four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh)
  • Easy access to road, rail networks and airports


The transport and tourism infrastructures in Switzerland are amongst the best in the world making it very easy and comfortable to travel around the country. Major Swiss cities are all located within one to three hours by train or car! Centrally situated in Europe, Switzerland gives you the opportunity to visit and experience other European cities, such as Paris, London and Milan.

Switzerland Situation

Switzerland’s central location and stable political structure provide a high quality of life and a secure future. Many international organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations (UN), foreign corporations and international forums such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have selected Switzerland for their headquarters because of the country’s reputation for stability, safety and multicultural understanding.

The Swiss economy is based on the development and production of goods of high quality and is dependent on a highly qualified and well-educated workforce. A good education system is therefore the basis for the international competitiveness of the Swiss economy.


Switzerland’s reputation as the birthplace of hospitality was established over a hundred years ago when the first palace-style hotels were built.

These grand hotels catered to an exclusive clientele of royalty, aristocrats and wealthy individuals lured by the Alps and alpine tourism. Guests of this era demanded the highest levels of service excellence and the leading Swiss hoteliers responded by systemizing the processes for hotel operations. These processes were the foundation for the enviable reputation Switzerland has today in hospitality, hotel and tourism management.


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The profile of the international traveller may have changed since then, but the principles of good hotel management remain the same:

  • Practical innovation
  • Immaculate precision
  • Discreet discipline
  • Dependable quality
  • Professional leadership

These principles are the cornerstones of hospitality education and hotel and tourism management at the Swiss Education Group schools.

Switzerland enjoys a long tradition of educating future leaders in hospitality and a reputation for educational excellence. In particular, Swiss hotel management programmes are recognised by the industry as being of exceptional quality.

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